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The Daihatsu Charade is the fastest and most high-class car in its segment, and delivers more than what a buyer would expect for the price. The Charade has enjoyed market longevity because it delivers such a high level of performance.

Aside from longevity the Charade also has a reputable level of build quality and class leading performance levels all at an affordable price. Buyers will not easily be able to overlook the Charade’s statistics in favor of purchasing a more elite brand name. The more modern versions are still the fastest in their class beating out all the bigger names.

The Daihatsu Charade is not a race car by any means, but the cars 1.0-litre engine provides rapid acceleration and high performance. The car handles easily and the little three cylinder makes the car fun to drive. It is very small, though some rivals are more desirable such as the Mini Countryman.

The Charade offers a lot more than the other competitors in this sector. It boasts standard levels of specifications and provides good value for the money. This car functions best on city streets or fairly smooth terrain. It doesn’t do as well on highways, or in croos-winds, and there isn’t enough boot space to carry luggage or much of anything else.


The Charade is not an expensive car. Even with optional ad-ons the little Daihatsu is affordable. It gets great gas mileage and insurance rates are extremely affordable. Every aspect of the Charade is affordable including parts and servicing.

The Charade provides adequate space for four passengers. Additional cabin space is limited, and rear passengers may struggle with head and leg room if they are tall. The boot is small and limited to smaller cargo items. There are various storage spaces available in the cabin to store miscellaneous items.


The cabin’s controls and displays are functional and easy to use, but they reveal the car’s price with their inexpensive quality and feel.

The Charade was not built for comfort. Its engine and road noise increases with the car’s speed. The car’s seats are comfortable enough and should adequately accommodate most passengers of average height.

The front two seats are easily accessible. The doors open widely and allow passengers to easily slide into the seats. Some rear passengers may have more difficulty with access due to more limited aperture space.

The Daihatsu is very easy to park. Its small size and lightweight steering make parking a very simple task. The car provides a good forward and rear view and fits into parking spaces easily.

Life Style

The Charade has great driver appeal. It’s a fun car to drive around town, it draws plenty of attention, it handles curves and corners really well, and the engine sounds like a race car. The Charade’s excellent performance puts the competition to shame; it performs very well on the city streets.

The little Charade probably wouldn’t make a good family car. It has adequate seating for a family of four, but may not hold larger children comfortably in the rear seats. There is also very limited boot space and the Charade may not be able to adequately accommodate family related items.

This would make an excellent first vehicle. The Daihatsu Charade is small and easy to handle. It boasts high performance levels, and has an attractive exterior style. Insurance rates and fuel consumption are good too. This would be an ideal car for a new motorist on a limited budget who is looking for a stylish car.

The Daihatsu Company has somewhat of a negative image in the UK. More recent models have begun to change the company’s image, but many in the UK do not consider Daihatsu a viable option.

Security and Safety

The Charade is equipped with central locking, an engine immobilizer with a transponder key. An alarm system is available as an option and may be a good idea though the Charade is probably low on the endangered cars list.

There are many safety features included with the Charades standard package, such as; a front frame designed to deflect collisions, front airbags, front and back crumple zones, and a Full Impact Safety System. The car comes with an impressive safety kit.

Finishing Touches

The Charade comes equipped with a standard stereo unit with a CD player. The sound quality is mediocre, but is what should be expected for the price. There are limited options available for upgrades.


The Charade is a functional and fun vehicle predominantly designed to navigate city streets easily and efficiently. The Daihatsu Charade is a high performer and is affordable to insure, fuel, and maintain. Many buyers will be biased against the Diahatsu brand, but the Charade legitimately deserves sincere consideration.

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